One Country, One Chosen Story

I was challenged by a good friend SOUS Sinath to post my photos from my travel. Besides photos, I also added some stories related to the photos too! I chose to post photos from the neighboring country but I added a few from Salzbur too. Unfornately, I can’t find any photos of myself when I was in Vietnam because mostly I was the one who took the photos for others.

Here are some of the photos and stories from places that might interest you.

Paksong Plateou, Champa Sak province, Southern Laos (Photo: Tola

Picture #1 is from Laos. Champa Sak is the third province of Laos that I visited besides Luong Prabang and Vientiane. One story from Champak Sak is that I was amazed with myself for speaking broken Laos. I love the language! I practice speaking Laos from a Youtube channel. I could tell where I want to go, thank you, eat sticky rice, very delicious, beautiful and not beautiful…and a lot more. With four women friends, we went from one place to another on a tuk tuk, on a car, familiar ourselves with the language, eat great foods, meeting strangers, laugh out loud, drinking, singing all along the road…a great adventure. I would come again and go further especially Savannakhet province. The golden boy in my hand was hidden by his owner after I played with him. Perhaps he thought I might transmit any diseases to the vulnerable wild animal.

De’ Lapae Contemporary Art Space, Narathiwat Province, Down South Thailand (Don’t remember who took this photo!)

Photo #2, I chose the place/photo because the place is great! As part of the Living Arts Fellows Program, we was recommended to visit Pattani and Narathiwat province, down south Thailand. We did go there despites news of insurgency. We chose the arts over fear. Off we went and they didn’t disappoint a single bit. I love people’s kindness, culture, and arts. Food was so delicious. At a lunch time, I ate two bowls of beef soup and it took me two hours to digest. It was quite good. I told myself that I would rather sick of eating of two rather than one and regret later. The shop was a well known to locals. Despites the news about conflict, things went all well. People do their work as normal. I appreciate how artists are working hard to tell stories from their provinces through their arts.

3D Museum, at Prince of Songkla University Pattani Campus.
Writer as a star, me at Pramaputra Literary Festival, Assam, India. Photo right behind is a Thai writer.

Photo #3, After losing my purse with all my money in it, my trip to India came all with good memory. One among four Cambodian writers from Phnom Penh, I was so excited to see my photo exhibited along the main street of Guhawati, the city of Assam State of India. Being called ‘Ma’am frequently by our sweet volunteers was one of the highlights and also weird (at least to myself). I asked the volunteers to call me by my name but they politely refused and said ‘No, Ma’am, you are very senior to us. We can’t do that to you! We need to show you ‘respect’. I thought ‘Oh well, let it be!’

This is Cafe am Kai in Salzburg, Austrai in 2015

Photo #4, When a friend and I were exploring Salzburg town, we arrived at this charming Cafe. We came in after taking about 50 photos outside. The coffee was so good. A warm coffee in cold weather. There were many cool slogans inside. I remember one of the slogans says “One shouldn’t take life so seriously. No one gets out alive anyway.” I love this Cafe so much that I made a promise with myself that I will write a novel about it. After 5 years, the novel has been revised twice. One scene is about the lead couple met for the first time in Europe. I hope the novel will be finished soon. I need a lot of inspirations to finalise the novel.

The Crush Collection, my first anthology is on a table in front of Cafe am Kai!
A very proud first time author carriying her book every where she goes.

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